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Saturday, July 09, 2005

JESUS LOVES YOU -- But the Family Research Council probably does not:
The show had something to offend everyone... featuring a homosexual couple; a black couple; a Hispanic couple (with lots of kids); an Asian couple (who owned a restaurant); a white couple (country-comes-to-town); a devil- worshiping witch (kid you not); and a Republican couple with tattoos.
Remember that every time the mainstream media treats the FRC as if it were a respectable part of our national polity.

Friday, July 08, 2005

HILARITY AT THE CORNER -- K.J. Lopez, writing about Tony Blair's statement yesterday about the London terror bombings:
"we condemn utterly these barbaric attacks...."

calls it an attack "on civilized people everywhere." Bush is standing behind him glaring down the terrorists.
My emphasis.

Kidding, right? No? Bush glaring down the terrorists?? As if the murderers who carried out these attacks are afraid of Mr Bush? As if he's demonstrating some sort of unique moral courage by standing behind Mr Blair while the latter is speaking? As if the terrorists are impressed by Mr Bush's glare? Glaring down the terrorists? He was probably furrowing his brow trying to remember why he'd come to Scotland in the first place.